Christmas Is For Giving

Christmas is for giving!

“Hi all,


As we all know Christmas is for giving, people love this season because they visit their families and bring presents and gifts like toys or Vessi shoes for women and more. I mentioned when I got back from Bangladesh that I will be creating a project for the less well off. Well now it is time, and I need your help! I need to create a crowd funding page for a cause to put a water pump for poor people to access clean water in Bangladesh and then also give them access to computers, the internet and English language skills. I also need a few ideas for gifts for friends and family. I have a few ideas, like for example I found this great site that sells funny socks, and I have a few friends that are gonna love these. pride themselves in their finely stitched, thick combed cotton, polyester and spandex fabric, striving to bring you a comfortable laugh. That’s how I know they are a good high quality gift that will last them a long time, which I was looking for. I’ve had people give me things that are not meant to last or are given just for the laugh, but these are actually high quality and functional. We’ll enjoy and talk about it for a bit, and then they will last a long time! I think it is a great idea, but I am definitely looking for a few more suggestions as well so that I can vary my gifts.

Is there anyone who knows about crowdfunding who can volunteer some of their time to help with this project? Please send us a message using the contact form below!

Also, Kizomba Addiction will be giving away half of all proceeds from sales of their – “Xmas is 4 Giving” gift vouchers which includes a 25% discount in the first place.

You can get your gift vouchers by clicking on the ticket on the right!

Our aim is to raise £1000 by the 24th of December so we can present the water pump as a gift to the village on Xmas morning!

We are calling this first phase of the campaign – Water the World, hopefully, you can help us more and more will be revealed as we move forward. Please help spread the word about this, every little bit of help and awareness will make a difference!

Thank you!” – Syed Ali (DJ Bangolano) – Founder of Kizomba Addiction.

Part of the ‘Xmas is 4 giving’ campaign!

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