Terms & Conditions

Term’s & Condition’s

Membership terms

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to any and all requirements listed below.

  • Providing email address.
  • Provide Mobile number.
  • Confirm your membership by calling 0800 999 1119.
  • Being sent promotional material to the UK number provided to us.
  • Being sent promotional material to the email provided to us.

    If you don’t comply with the above terms, your membership is not valid, and you are not eligible for any free entries, discounts, or offers!

Other terms

  • Any and all promotional offers are for members only (unless stated otherwise).
  • Any and all promotional offers can be changed without previous notice.
  • Offers can not be used in conjunction with others.
  • Offers not valid on single 1 hour lessons

Opting out

  • To be removed from a text-list you must email info@kizombaaddiction with your registered email address and the subject line ‘text – opt-out’ plus the days of the week you want to stop receiving information about, i.e., texts – opt-out Monday.
  • To be removed from all text lists you must email ‘text – opt-out all.’
  • To be removed from our email list you must click on unsubscribe at the bottom of any emails.
  • Opting-out of any of the requirements cancels all membership perks.

Course Terms

  • If there are cancellations by us we add the sessions cancelled to the end of your course.
  • Special events are not part of the course however if they clash with your course we will credit your course with extra sessions at the end of your course.
  • The payment of the course guarantees the classes only but we will provide you access to our parties as a bonus.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction or we will provide you with a refund after accounting for the full price of the sessions elapsed since your course began, you must contact us and specifically cancel the course to get a refund for the part of the course you have not taken yet.
  • We also guarantee your results within your course period to pass our technique and steps structure for beginners for the intense and addict level 3 month courses if you maintain 100% attendance level or you will have access to the classes for your level until you do achieve the next level of the syllabus.
  • All prepaid purchases expire after 3 months, if it’s not been used.