Terms & Conditions.

Term’s & Condition’s

Membership terms

You agree to any and all requirements listed below to continue to benefit from our membership offers.

  • Provide your full name
  • Provide your email address
  • Provide a UK mobile number
  • You consent to receiving a reminder text regarding all our events to the contacts you provide us with. You may opt out individually.

Other terms

  • Any and all promotions are for members only.
  • Any and all promotional offers may be changed without any notice
  • When you receive any of our discount offers as a member you will be required to continue to receive our reminder communications for a month thereafter before we remove you from our lists
  • You may ask us to remove you from the list at any time we just require at least a month to administrate the change and remove you from our system or list
  • If you don’t comply with the above terms your membership is invalid