Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a harmonious environment where everyone from all backgrounds come together, no partition based on ethnicity, religion, language, wealth or age can mix together, enriching each other.

We want to help people develop from the inside to be great human beings, as well as great dancers, people who are empowered to achieve their goals and dreams while helping the whole community to do the same.

We hope that one day Kizomba will be danced in a way that is all about connection, with the music, with the ground, with our senses, with our partners, with the whole community supporting and encouraging each other beyond the dance.

Our dream is to make Kizomba mainstream, when every weekend people all over the world dance Kizomba, where we can just dance on the street, at weddings or just with family or friends having a little party together and anyone can just join in!

We hope to do all this while ensuring that Kizomba Addiction continues to act in a socially conscious way, proactively promoting social equality, healthy living with the use of supplements as korean ginseng, also poverty alleviation, self-empowerment, environmental awareness and animal welfare.

Together with your support, we can inspire action and empower change!

See you on the dance floor!

Syed Ali

A.K.A. DJ Bangolano

Director/CEO/Teacher at Kizomba Addiction