Kizomba Workshop with Syed Ali in Berlin!

Kizomba Workshop in Berlin

With our very own Syed Ali!

24th July

Syed Ali aka DJ Bangolano…

Please check out the videos of Syed in his after classes demos

Here are the mixtapes of DJ Bangolano:


Syed is the founder of Kizomba Addiction. He discovered Kizomba when he was at a salsa party, he heard the music and thought “wow thats my music”. It was actually Ghetto Zouk and Tarraxinha music that attracted him to Kizomba. He had been a Salsa dance teacher already and he wanted to share the music and dance with his students at the time, he has been a dance teacher for nearly 9 years starting with being a ballroom and latin dance teacher followed by salsa and decided to focus on just Kizomba from around 5 years ago.

Syed started DJing 3.5 years ago because he had a lot of music and many of his students and guests loved his selection. He actually started playing with DJ gear to share some ideas with his DJ’s and it turned out he had a natural connection with DJing. He now DJ’s internationally under the moniker DJ Bangolano, and is travelling to Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Sweden in the coming months which reflects his growing popularity and demand for him as a DJ.

Clube Vicio has been running for coming up to 5 years now with the anniversary coming up in the end of November. Clube Vicio from its inception was all about teaching Kizomba from its core concepts to develop dancers that integrate with PALOP culture. Clube Vicio has now grown to become the biggest weekly Kizomba night in the UK and has a huge support from the PALOP community.

“Kizomba means connection, we have people from all cultures and races who all come together and when we dance Kizomba all our divisions disappear!”

*** Workshop-Plan ***

13:00 – 14:10 Uhr …
14:25 – 15:35 Uhr …
15:50 – 17:00 Uhr …

Level: —————- Mittelstufe —————–

Die Kurse bauen aufeinander auf und erfordern sichere Kenntnisse der Grundlagen.
Dazu gehört das sichere Führen und Folgen der Basics, sowie der Saidas in unterschiedlichen Kombinationen.
Diese könnt ihr u.a. bei regelmäßiger Teilnahme jeden Donnerstag und Sonntag um 19 Uhr im Moon Club (Soda) in der Tanzanleitung erlernen.

40 € pro Person oder 64 € pro Paar
!!!!!!!!! denn es gibt 20% RABATT FÜR PAARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
… und wir stellen sicher, daß es zahlenmässig zwischen Leader & Follower aufgeht.

Teilnehmerzahl begrenzt auf 15 Paare !!!
Wer zuerst kommt, malt zuerst…

Infos & Anmeldung: via Nachricht an Kizomba Klub Berlin

… und abends dann Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty:
Kizz me at the Moon! (Kizomba, Semba & Zouk in Berlin)

Der Workshop findet im Moon Club statt!


Saturday’s finest Kizomba party in London! Join us for great music, great vibes and great dancing.

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