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  • Musicality

    You will learn to dance with and pre-empt changes in the tempo of the music. With this you will dance as if you conducted the music itself!

  • Immersive

    All out lessons will engage you, and you will learn to be fully present when dancing. Whether you are leading as a man or following as a women, you will learn to dance with each other, sensing all movements from your partner and dancing as on.

  • Foundations

    You will learn solid foundations of Kizomba before going onto more advanced steps. From these foundations, you will find that your skill will increase rapidly.

  • Consistence

    YOu will develop consistency and your our style, branching from the core foundations. You will learn to dance and express your whole individual self, and bring your own talents and creativity to Kizomba.

Our Weekly Schedule

Jeito Africano – Every Tuesdays!

Join us EVERY Tuesday starting in the first week of February 2017 at The Loop Bar in Mayfair!

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Kizomba Mondays

Fancy learning Kizomba? Join us in the City.

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Clube Vicio – Saturdays

Join us for the weekender!

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Interested in Private Lessons?

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